About the artist!

Welcome to my work!


“Shibui”, a Japanese term meaning “understated elegance”.

I am fascinated by how fabric accepts dye, what type of binding repels it, and the patterns that result. I first learned to tie dye in high school and have not stopped since. I have researched and teach about international tie dye methods.    

I dye cotton and silk fabrics using shibori and other resist techniques.   I layer imagery, resulting in vivid patterns. Shibori effects on cloth produce lovely images reminiscent of shadows in nature, wood grain, water flowing and more. I am attracted to the accidental results, sometimes predictable, often not.  Colors get richer as the dyes and patterns are layered too. It does not always have to be pretty; contrasting unrelated patterns gives the viewer more information and can be more interesting visually.

My wall pieces are about landscape and references to weather. I am always watching the sky and the changing features of the land. My family is from the Flint Hills of Kansas, beautiful gently rolling grass lands, full of changing colors as the seasons pass. Watching storms roll in and the clouds moving through profoundly effects my work.   

I am also hand stitching on my patterned dyed fabric and exploring rust printing.

These works embrace my aesthetic of quiet, meditative work, meant to encourage and remind the viewer to sit and relax, unwind and retreat from the hectic world. A soothing work of art on your wall helps to create peace in your environment. My work has been collected by chiropractors, doctors, therapists, medical centers, places of healing where one might seek renewal. It’s a way to retreat from the busy world and redirect and refresh the soul! I feel that our nervous systems are so over-stimulated by the constant onslaught of computers, television, video, driving and more, it is not as easy to relax as it used to be. 

I do hope that you find some peace and quiet in my work.